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Pixelate your business idea with professional designs!

If pixels were to relate to elements of a brand, here at Pixel Geek Designs, we aim to provide a one-stop-shop for all things digital with a full range of online media and web solutions with minor print services too. From interactive, responsive websites to email marketing, social media graphics and logo or branding elements, we can be the geeks you require. Putting these pixels together, we aim to help develop, expand and grow your business alongside you.

What We Offer!

Having a brand that illustrates your business and what it's about is critical to both recognition and sustainability. We consider all aspects when working on brands and business identities, from what you want to portray and communicate to effective kpop stores in california colour schemes, aiming to attract more business attention. From logos, business cards and letterheads, we here aim to appeal to your customers with professional Designs that show off your excellence.

In today's technology driven world, having the right website that effectively works for you is important to us. We think BTS carefully about your business and its requirements, from the types of customers you want to attract to how you would like it to operate and sell products or services. From simple dynamic information based sites to fully customised and shop ready e-commerce sites, we have the pixel geek know-how to make them look and feel great to use.

The use of email marketing is a growing concept through it allowing you to grab customers immediate attention. Using campaigns that look like printed material is much more attractive to the eye than plain old text emails. Users are more likely to interact with buttons, giving more potential for them to achieve the intended end result, whilst allowing content to be readable on all devices through responsive designs. We can help you find out more about your customers and increase online sales with some simple e-marketing tactics.

Graphics are made to help you stand out from the crowd. Whether for print like flyers, leaflets or posters to digital graphics for websites, social media pages or posts, graphics are at the forefront of enhancing brands and communication with customers. At Pixel Geek Designs we are here to help. From covering all popular social media platforms, our geeks are able to design brand efficient graphics to help establish your business in the digital world whilst appealing to customers with professional considered designs.

Capturing an object with a bland or messy background is not what you want for your business photos. We offer background removal services so your object stands out to the customers! Our Pixel Geeks also offer photo manipulation services, if it isn't possible to photograph your client or object in a background you desire we can help turn your background dream into reality! Our geeks can also use tools to create different effects to make your photographs stand out from the crowd.

Ever photographed the perfect moment but the end result is not so perfect? We here at Pixel Geek Designs can help! From light adjustments to blemish and object removals, our retouching skills can give your photos the professional look you desire. We offer our services to all, whether it's the photos that help capture your special day to business photos that require the extra wow factor, we can help!

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