Photo Manipulations

Our geeks have the required skill set and software to help turn your photo dream into a reality.

Not every photograph can give you the effect that you require, Pixel Geek Designs can use the right tools to give your photo the wow factor. We can remove backgrounds to a solid colour to allow your products to pop out of the photo and catch the customer’s eye.

However, we also offer background replacement services, allowing your model or object to be put into any background you desire. Sometimes it isn’t possible to capture business photographs in a specific setting, our team will use the tools and effects to help your image stand out from the crowd.

As well as business photographs we can offer these services to any photo that requires manipulation, for example wedding, event or cosplay photography.

Service Features

Background Removal

Our geeks can remove backgrounds from any object to either a white, transparent or custom background of your choice.

Special Effects

We offer special effect services for your photographs to help them stand out from the crowd, our geeks use a variety of different tools and software that allows them to create effects that can’t be achieved on mobile apps.

Advanced Manipulation

Photographing your object in a background you desire can be tricky, we can place your object into a new setting and no one would ever know! We can combine different elements to make an entirely new image and can make it look as realistic as you would like.

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