Email Marketing

Target your database of clients with our e-marketing tools.

Use email marketing as a new concept to land branded emails to your clients with our sophisticated but user friendly e-marketing software.

If you currently have a list of contacts or clients or are looking to reach to returning customers, use our e-marketing tools to communicate with them more effectively, and send information about your product or service straight to your email, whether on mobiles or desktops with our sophisticated e-marketing software.

Use the internet to connect with more your customers. An email friendly leaflet or newsletter that looks just like a printed version on screen, is attractive and more effective than a plain old text email with file attachments. When all users have to do is interact with elements like buttons or links, they are more likely to achieve the target end result i.e. make a purchase, sign up to a service or simply visit your creative website. Our geek driven email marketing service also offers efficient analytics to understand your customer habits and increase overall business activity and online sales with some simple e-marketing tactics.

With more and more people now using mobile devices to view and interact with email, having a responsive design is important to enhance your exposure to new opportunities. At Pixel Geek Designs, we offer efficient email marketing strategies that give you both the control of the message to others and the flexibility to its interactive use through our in-depth software solutions.

Whether promoting new products or services or trying to instigate user interactions like purchases, creative email marketing and design is becoming common as an engaging strategy for all business types.

 Service Features

Responsive Design

Mobile friendly designs, giving your brand more exposure and more potential for success through interactive emails.

 User Friendly

Professional email campaigns and signatures that are easy to read, view and interact with.


Personalise your email marketing with subscribers contact details, enhancing the encouragement of viewing and better end results.

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