Colour in Marketing

When it comes to starting your business you will need to think of a colour scheme that you will use across your branding, in terms of marketing there colours all have a different meaning. It would be best to choose a colour that best portrays your brand, what is it that you want to tell people about your business?


Red is seen as a powerful and bold colour, it represents excitement, youthfulness and creates the sense of urgency. Most 'sale' signs used in a shops are red to entice you in. Some popular businesses that use the colour red include:

  • YouTube
  • Nintendo
  • Coca Cola.

They all sell completely different services however they all share a common theme, they want people to be excited by their services and feel a sense of urgency to use them, they also share a similar target market.


Yellow gives out a sense of happiness and warmth to others. It is also used to stimulate the mind and motivate communication. Some popular businesses that use yellow as their key colour includes:

  • Subway
  • Ikea
  • McDonalds

Subway and McDonalds use this colour to sell fast foods, they want to promote happiness from their food. Ikea may not sell food however they want to make people feel like they will be warmly welcomed into their stores and find happiness when shopping.


The use of orange is to give off a friendly vibe and the sense of enjoyment whilst also portraying confidence. Businesses that use orange as their key colour include:

  • Nickelodeon
  • Amazon
  • Firefox

All of these businesses want to make customers feel that when they use their services they will feel a sense of enjoyment but also feel confident whilst using them.


Purple is seen as an creative colour, to portray imagination and wisdom, some popular businesses include:

  • Cadbury
  • Hallmark
  • Yahoo

Cadbury wants to be seen as the imaginative chocolate maker that delivers products like no other to their customers but also be seen as the most wise of the confectionary brands. The use of purple can also be seen as a luxurious colour which is why you will see many of the more expensive brands use purple.

However purple is also used by designers, including ourselves here at Pixel Geek Designs, purple gives the sense of creativity and imagination which are two vital requirements when it comes to designing unique and effective designs for clients.


The colour blue gives the sense of strength, dependability and inspires loyalty, business that use blue include:

  • Facebook
  • American Express
  • Oral-B

Again all businesses are completely different but are wanting to portray the same message, they sell popular services that customers need to feel that they are trustworthy and reliable. Facebook and American Express stores personal data about their customers and people need to feel that their data is kept in safe and capable hands. Oral-B is a popular toothbrush and toothpaste brand, again people need to feel that if they use these products for their mouth hygiene that they will work and give the results that are promised.


Green signifies peacefulness, health and growth. It also makes feel people relaxed and in control. Businesses that use the colour green includes:

  • Tropicana
  • Whole Foods
  • Land Rover

Tropicana and Whole Foods both sell consumables where they want to promote that their products are healthy and want their customers to feel that they will feel good when consuming them. Land Rover on the other hand sells cars but wants their customers to feel that they are relaxed when driving and in full control. As the use of green also promotes growth this is another key aspect for Land Rover as they want to show that they are always evolving and developing new cars that will entice people to buy them.


The use of grey, black and white are known as the neutral colours that promote balance, sleekness and luxury. Some popular business include:

  • Apple
  • Mercedes
  • Nike

All of these businesses want to promote that they are luxurious brands, if you buy from them you are sure to feel power over your purchase and receive a product that is of a high quality.

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